Mind States

Ongoing series 2019/20

Is it possible to represent a state of mind?

Looking for a sense of resolution or a point of balance of ideas, or a place where something has been achieved of worth either visually or in the relationships portrayed - guide these compositions. I've waited for a moment when iv'e been really stressed, under pressure or feeling in some way 'altered', to make them as a response. I'm hoping these will visualise how my brain is feeling under these conditions and is the closest I can get to unconsciously showing these states and what my mind looks like as images.

There are some guidelines to reading these - I tend to relate to objects as people or prevailing moods and their relationships in space are driven by those relationships in spatial terms. The translation into varying colour versions is not random these are lenses that show different views on the same idea - not all colours work but they are all aimed at revealing a state most effectively and most mental states are not singular they are nuanced and can't be seen only as a single aspect. Being a creative I need to find a way to express these states when they happen, there is no cathartic or therapeutic aim and they don't relieve or change my state in any way.

There are no distinct objects as I would usually use *, and digital tools allow me to create colour where I need it to create depth and a sense of spatial tone. I wanted to find something more granular and less hard then the vectors I usually adopt which need to be painted or cut from card or printed in certain ways to give them a sense of texture which is needed in these less definite and more ambiguous landscapes.

*See also education-based prouns here

Set 1 October '19
Not every day is a musical

Set 2 November '19
Big decisions

Set 3 December '19
A familiar trap

Set 4 February '20
Between two stools

Set 5 February '20
Week eight brain

Studio process - switching to camera for this series.