Objects & Letters

2015 - present

Responding to the challenge of playing with graphic and scenographic space.
Objects and glyphs become actors and have a stage to explore.
Also includes a series on Education based Prouns (def. below) made to illustrate the world of pedagogic terms.

Education Proun series 'Holistic Marking' September 2019

Education Proun series 'Transformative Education' September 2018

Education Proun series 'Revalidation Problem 2' July 2018

Education Proun series 'Revalidation Redone' July 2018

Education Proun series 'Revalidation Problem' July 2018

Education Proun series 'Curriculum Restructure' July 2018

Education Proun series 'Learning Outcome Mismatch' July 2018

Education Proun series 'Unit Structure' September 2018

Proun defined:
Between 1919 and 1927 El Lissitzky produced a large body of paintings, prints, and drawings that he referred to by the word Proun (pronounced pro-oon), an acronym for “project for the affirmation of the new” in Russian. Lissitzky’s style reflects his training as an architect in Germany before World War I as well as the inspiration of Kazimir Malevich, a fellow teacher at the Vitebsk art school. Lissitzky’s radical reconception of space and material is a metaphor for and visualization of the fundamental transformations in society that he thought would result from the Russian Revolution.   Source: MoMA

Card and digital tests 2018

Reflecting on the working day Jan '20

The odd results of a graphic design dream PILÖN-SCÖN-FÜÜR!
These were dreamt of and made while asleep and using a laptop!!

'When harry met Sally' 2018 & 2019

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