Workout / The Life Room

Chelsea Space The Life Room 4.11.09 - 12.12.09

Workout: A Digital Response to the Body & Machine Over Five Sessions

from the press information..
"For the Life Room David is creating a series of motion-based digital works based on translating movements of the body while using gym equipment.
This will be based on a series of film shoots in the space where models will be recorded in motion while wearing tracking markers. This material is later motion tracked in a computer (2d) and the movements of the models extracted and turned into data. This will be used as a source for driving a series of graphic motion treatments.

During the life of the show the work will grow and the resulting animation sequences will be shown on a plasma screen in the show space.

David worked in the space on Friday afternoons using a range of digital mark-making techniques. Further information can be found on The Life Room website, and here.

Session 4 with artist Bruce McLean

Session 3 with artist and racing cyclist David Ferry

Session 1 with Charlie McCarick

Session 2 with actor rugby player Matthew Clark

Session 5 with actor Dudley Sutton performing 'Come Back William Blake'

Session 6 with Judy Gordon

with great thanks to Donald Smith from Chelsea Space