Shanghai Exchange Live Project

2016 / 2017

Shanghai - London
Design Dialogues

An exhibition from communication and graphic design students studying at the Shanghai Institute of Visual Art and Chelsea College of Arts featuring work and visual research from their recent exchange project.

The culture around making, thinking and teaching design is part of shared international dialogue which has been enjoyed in recent years by both Shanghai Institute of Visual Art (SIVA) and Chelsea College of Arts (UAL). This dialogue has taken the form of visits, opportunities to share at the Summit Forum of Art & Design Education in Shanghai and in joint exhibitions and teaching workshops both in China and the UK around graphic and communication design.

In 2016 staff from the two institutions worked together to devise a project which would invite contributions from students around issues of international design. The project allowed students from both faculties to delve into issues such as typography, layout, context and messaging to broaden their knowledge of how an international approach to design could function.

Students from London worked around how to represent London to a growing number of Chinese visitors which was kindly aided by the feedback and research from London & Partners (The Mayor of London’s promotional agency).

Students from SIVA also looked at how major Shanghai brands might market themselves in a UK context and for their practical research came to London to join our students in a series of workshops and opportunities to meet and study given by staff from both institutions. For the Chelsea students understanding how Chinese calligraphy functions, it’s history and how to practice it with brushes was a key moment of discovery and enjoyment. Siva also invited two students from London to visit and film interviews in Shanghai with the public and absorb the culture so they could feedback to their peers their research which was a foundation for discussions around international branding and communication design and how to find the similarities and differences.

This exhibition displays some of the design outcomes, visual research and journeys from the project and is a platform to celebrate the work of new designers from both SIVA and Chelsea College of Arts, its also part of the London Design Festival 2017.

China Design Centre
26 Store Street, London WC1E 7BT

Then at the Liu Haisu Art Museum in Shanghai 2017

Below: Shanghai - London Design Dialogues Film 1 by Chelsea Film 2 by SIVA