Lightlines I/II

Live performance/digital art collaboration by Judy Gordon and David Barnett.

Montage Theatre’s first major production. Part choreographed, part improvised, this highly visual piece involves the interaction of live digital art, dance, video, music, sound and song. From tender remembrance to frustration, fantasy and oppression, Lightlines follows a woman’s struggle to find her place in a modern world.

"...Occasionally one comes across something which confirms ones missionary belief in the potential of digital arts, and the Montage show was one such memorable occasion. "

Tim Cornish, Media Officer, South East Arts.

Performed nationally in 1999: Wandsworth Arts Festival, BAC; New Works Festival ‘99, Phoenix Arts Centre, Leicester; Chichester Festival Fringe; FIELD 22, Fabrica, Brighton; At the Interface, Chisenhale Dance Space, London; Age Concern Fund Raising Event invited by Counsellor Bob Harris, London; The Lewisham Theatre Studio, London; Volcano Film Festival, The Oval House Theatre, London. 

Since then the research for this performance has been used as a teaching tool for many workshops using digital media and group work. These include Penn State University, Chelsea College of Art & Design and various nationally funded arts schemes and residencies.

Original versions combined graphics tablet, viola, dance and projection on to the stage floor. Eight sections followed in succession - some digital interactive drawn and some film montages with physical theatre reaction.

A key element was to introduce the digital drawing and media control onto the stage in front of the audience so all the performance elements could be aprreciated.

Lightlines 1&2 (above) and the workshops attatched are archived of DV Film and CDROM
Some archive sequences below (DV tape)