Graphic Design

This section is for the many digital, web, print and media commercial graphic design projects over the years it's under construction right now and lets face it probably will remain so for a while longer! Commercial design can be so ephemeral !

ok just one!! - (I love their music)..

Meanwhile Recordings Identity & design system 2014

When friend Rob lawrence (Bovill) launched his label back in 2014 he was looking for a design system that was easy to use where artists could drop in their own photos or images that represented their own acoustic landscapes rather than design each release from scratch. Using a simple design to let the music be the focus I designed a simple logo and a cut in barcode (which we had to test) plus a shaped notch all from either spot metallic silver of gold so the text would pop out even if the the colours didn’t themselves conrast.

Here are a few examples..  and see the roughs at the bottom to follow the design process.